Testimonials: Chiropractic Treatment


I was seeing another chiropractor for 5 years without any lasting or significant results and I just want to tell you how happy I am to have discovered and experienced Dr. Sadanaga's art of healing. I severely injured my lower back, pain radiating down both legs. I went to my original chiropractor right away and the pain continuously became worse. I was unable to drive to work without being in severe pain. One of my friends highly recommended Dr. Sadanaga, so I figured I had nothing else to lose. I scheduled an appointment and he took the time to explain to me what happened, and how he were going to correct my problem. Simultaneously, I went to see an orthopedic surgeon who recommended I take an MRI to evaluate my problem, the results of the MRI confirmed a 8-9mm disc bulge, which according to the orthopedic surgeon should have had me in a wheelchair. But under Dr. Sadanaga's care, he was able to alleviate my pain without back surgery and rehabilitation time. Saving me both time and money. I was also recently in a car accident, in which my car did a 360 degree spin twice at approximately 45 mph and hit the center divider on the freeway. The next day I came in to see Dr. Sadanaga and because I followed through with his philosophy on the triangle of health (physical, nutritional and emotional) and he found little residual effect from the accident. I have been to many doctors in the past; no one ever took the time he did. I just want to thank him for treating the whole me, physically and emotionally. 

- Kenny R.

Pinched Nerves, Tingling, Numbness

I was experiencing tingling sensations and numbness in my right arm for months, and though I was in fairly decent shape, I was worried there was something serious going on. Dr. Sadanaga determined my problem was structural. My neck was losing its natural curve, causing pinched nerves and circulation problems. He took some x-rays and showed me how mine compared to "normal" x-rays -- people who still had the healthy curve in their necks.

We began treatment immediately. At first, I had to come in three times per week for adjustments, but I did notice that even though I had occasional  prickly sensations, the complete numbness of my arm disappeared entirely. After about a month, even the tingling sensations were less and less frequent. Now I come in for occasional maintenance adjustments, but no more tingling, no more numbness, and most importantly, no more stress about my health. 

- Chris P.

Numbness & Energy Levels

When I heard about Dr. Sadanaga from a friend, I was very interested in finding out more about him. I have been to an herbalist before, but never to anyone so complete. When I first came here, my entire right side was off kilter – even my right hand kept falling asleep. Through the last few months, I have experienced wonderful changes in my physical structure, my energy level, my internal organs and my outlook on my everyday life. Before I started the nutrition portion of the program, I had daily headaches and a very low energy level. Everyday around 3:00 I was ready for a nap. I really didn't want to get up in the morning. My energy stays very constant and consistent each day. My headaches are gone – until I eat something that I am not supposed to – like chocolate! I have practiced vinyasa yoga for three years and there were areas where I couldn't get my body to open up. Through some manipulation, Dr. Sadanaga has been able to find these locks and release them. I am learning more about my body and how it is supposed to feel. Now when something starts to get out of alignment, I can feel it. The only thing that I appreciate the most about Dr. Sadanaga is that he always works for the long cure and not the quick fix. I have passed out many of his business cards hoping that others can experience a more comfortable life. So to Dr. Sadanaga – and Shirley, Sandra, and Marc – thank you for helping me to get me to a better place of spirit, mind and body.

– Kelly M.