Monday, October 24, 2016
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Dr. Alfred Sadanaga Treats the Root Causes of Pain

Back, shoulder and neck pain are secondary conditions. Burbank chiropractor Dr. Alfred Sadanaga looks for the root causes of pain and structural damage.

You can find a chiropractor in any city fairly easily. But how to find a chiropractor who understands your body’s intricate balances of biology, chemistry and structure––and looks for ways to improve your overall health with all three of these elements in harmony––is a different question.

Your answer is here, at Magnolia Natural Health.

Dr. Alfred Sadanaga has helped his Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley patients understand and manage their pain for over 20 years. He focuses on physical correction, nutrition and complete wellness strategies. Your difficulties determine which chiropractic technique Dr. Sadanaga will use, because all bodies work differently, break down differently, and react differently to treatment.

The wellness team at Magnolia Natural Health understands that headaches and low back or neck pain are merely secondary conditions caused by a larger problem. Most of the time, signs like these and others like numbness, tingling, sciatica pain and loss of motion point to structural injuries like Anterior Head Syndrome or disease.

Many chiropractors will treat these secondary symptoms, temporarily relieving you of pain. But Magnolia Natural Health’s goal is to identify and repair the underlying problems––our goal is long term relief and cures.

If you are ready to treat anterior head syndrome or another primary condition causing your pain and discomfort, contact chiropractor Alfred Sadanaga for a free consultation.

Suffering back pain? Burbank chiropractor Dr. Alfred Sadanaga has been helping Los Angeles chiropractic patients manage their pain for over 20 years.

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