Overall Health, Inside and Out

Your Overall Health Begins with Good Foundations

Pain free living is important to your general quality of life . But so is overall health and wellness, and we at Magnolia Natural Health know that relieving you of pain will improve other areas of your overall physical being.

But we strive to do more than relieve the pain. We prefer to identify and address the core problem – the primary condition that causes pain and other secondary symptoms.

New Beginnings at Magnolia Natural Health

Living a pain-free and healthier lifestyle begins with your initial consultation and a thorough examination with Doctor Sadanaga. If you have a structural injury causing neck and back pain, numbness, frequent headaches or migraines, and/or other issues, you may suffer from Anterior Head Syndrome (AHS) or other structural problems.

Primary conditions like AHS require structural correction, or you’ll continue to suffer frequently. The secondary symptoms of AHS don’t just cause discomfort, they also tally up to lost work days and take a toll on the rest of your body.

What Happens When You Begin Correcting The Problem, Rather Than Just Relieving The Pain?

You’ll begin to feel better and better. We have several patients who suffered severe headaches daily because of AHS. As they began treatment, they noticed that their headaches were less severe. As they continued, the frequency decreased down to one headache every few days, then one per week, and finally, the headaches became rare occurrences as Dr. Sadanaga corrected their spinal structure.

Patients like these still come for adjustments on a regular basis, but depending on the severity of the problem, they may only have to come once every few weeks.

It all depends on how severe your primary condition is, how willing you are to work with Dr. Sadanaga to correct the problem, and how well you adapt to new behaviors and postures at home and in your work space.

Stay committed to your course of treatment, and you’ll stay committed to your overall health and wellness. It all starts with a single consultation. Click here to Contact Us.