Testimonials: Migraines & Chronic Headaches

Migraine Pain Management

Chronic Migraines

I have been suffering from persistent migraine headaches for as long as I can remember. I have seen countless general physicians, allergists, and specialists and taken numerous medications with no consistent results. The migraines were negatively affecting ALL aspects of my life. I was desperate. A friend referred me to Dr. Sadanaga, and now after two months of visits, I am elated to share that my life is 100% different now. After extensive diet counseling and chiropractic care, my headaches are gone and I have a new lease on life. Dr. Sadanaga and his staff can really make a tremendous impact on your quality of life.

- Richard O.


When I heard about Dr. Sadanaga from a friend, I was very interested in finding out more about him. I have been to an herbalist before, but never to anyone so complete. When I first came here, my entire right side was off kilter – even my right hand kept falling asleep. Through the last few months, I have experienced wonderful changes in my physical structure, my energy level, my internal organs and my outlook on my everyday life. Before I started the nutrition portion of the program, I had daily headaches and a very low energy level. Everyday around 3:00 I was ready for a nap. I really didn't want to get up in the morning. My energy stays very constant and consistent each day. My headaches are gone – until I eat something that I am not supposed to – like chocolate! I have practiced vinyasa yoga for three years and there were areas where I couldn't get my body to open up. Through some manipulation, Dr. Sadanaga has been able to find these locks and release them. I am learning more about my body and how it is supposed to feel. Now when something starts to get out of alignment, I can feel it. The only thing that I appreciate the most about Dr. Sadanaga is that he always works for the long cure and not the quick fix. I have passed out many of his business cards hoping that others can experience a more comfortable life. So to Dr. Sadanaga – and Shirley, Sandra, and Marc – thank you for helping me to get me to a better place of spirit, mind and body. 

– Kelly M.

Severe Lifelong Migraines

I am a 41 year old woman who has suffered with migraines since childhood. When I was 6 years old my parents would take me to the emergency room for shots to stop my vomiting…but nobody knew why. In my pre-teens I began treatment for migraines and was given tranquilizers at the age of 12 by specialists. I have seen numerous neurologists and have tried every drug that was ever “though” to help headaches. Recently I was taking up to 300mg of sumatriptan a day and 2 shots of Imetrix at a time, just trying to tolerate the pain…with no success. Trips to the emergency room for shots of Demerol were not uncommon. I have tried Acupuncture, biofeedback, I have seen cranial osteopaths and nutritionist. I have tried several MRI's and other tests looking for the cause. With no answers. Hereditary? Stress? Diet? Sleep? Try antidepressants, try this drug…nothing worked. Many things helped, but all had other side effects. The migraine continued. Finally, I felt like I was going to die. I knew if I didn't stop the pain and didn't stop all the medications I was going to explode. My doctor told me about Dr. Sadanaga. He begged me to see him and I figured – why not? I'll try anything at this point. When I first saw Dr. Sadanaga I was having horrible migraines. I was missing so much work and the migraines had gotten so frequent and so strong that I had gone out on disability. Dr. Sadanaga first saw me 3+ times a week. He changed my diet and put me on very specific supplements. The diet was difficult. But I felt he really wanted to help so I thought I'd give it my best shot. I remember seeing him in the middle of a horrible migraine a couple weeks after I had started treatment with him. I was vomiting in the bathroom of his office and crying from the pain. He adjusted me, put me in a dark room to rest and told me “You will never have another one this bad again”. That was many months ago. And he was right. I cannot say I am headache-free, but I have taken less medication in these many months than I used to take in a week! I cannot say the diet is easy. I cannot say it isn't difficult to remember to take the supplements…but I can say that I am a new person…I know that together with Dr. Sadanaga I am able to manage my illness. I know FOR SURE that this drastic improvement is due to his treatment. He has something to offer that you won't find in medical text books, or at the neurologists office. He is not going to give you prescription drugs to numb the pain in hopes it will be gone tomorrow. What he will give you a method to mange your disease and to enable you to have a better quality of life and feel human again. I believe in Dr. Sadanaga's treatment so strongly that I am taking my three young children to see him – to help them to have strong, healthy bodies. I am also able to say that I have already seen positive results with each of them. My middle child has been through ear infections without antibiotics and my oldest has been successful in handling her asthma with the harmful prescription drugs. Dr. Sadanaga has something that really works. He is a gifted man with a good heart and a strong desire to help those who need him. I feel extremely blessed to have found his treatment and look forward to continued good health for my entire family.

Beatrice S.