Testimonials: Heart Health

Heart Health

Stroke Recovery & Blood Pressure

Dr. Sadanaga has helped me tremendously since I suffered a stroke. I was in the hospital for 8 days and soon as I got out of the hospital, I came to see Dr. Sadanaga. My wife has suggested that I see Dr. Sadanaga since she has already been seeing him for a while with good results. Dr. Sadanaga started his treatments immediately and I have been DRAMATICALLY improving ever since that time. When I was first released from the hospital I experienced drooping on the stroke side of my face, I couldn’t lift my eyelids, my arms were heavy, couldn’t balance myself, couldn’t take a shower, etc. After only two weeks of Dr. Sadanaga’s treatment all of my symptoms DRASTICALLY improved. My speech also improved tremendously and I no longer garbled my speech. His treatments have improved my high blood pressure so much that I no longer take any blood pressure medications. Thanks to Dr. Sadanaga my recovery has been AMAZING, even the occupational therapist that the hospital sent over was amazed at the improvement in my condition. Dr. Sadanaga and his natural, holistic healing techniques have been GREAT! Thank you,

- John H.

High Blood Pressure

I have struggled with high blood pressure for many years. most of my family members also suffer from this condition. My father died of a heart attack and my siblings contend with this "silent killer" on a daily basis. For over a decade I have taken prescription drugs to address this medical problem. Yet I knew that long term useage would be detrimental for the liver and other organs of the body. I knew in my heart that there must exist a viable alternative and I was determined to find it. One month ago I walked into magnolia natural health center and met Dr. Sadanaga. at that time my blood pressure was hovering around 150/100 or so. I was frightened and very concerned and felt powerless to change the situation. But through regular office visits, close monitoring by Dr. Sadanaga, laser treatments, a nutritional and supplement program designed specifically for my needs, my blood pressure has made a dramatic improvement. At last measurement it was 123/79. The nutritional program has also had an unexpected, positive effect. Working in the entertainment industry, I consider stress and tension to be part of the territory. Yet, I realize over the years they have exacted a heavy toll on my mind and body. And I would often feel so overwhelmed and anxious on the job that my effectiveness suffered. However, after barely a month on the program, I have experienced subtle yet definite improvement in how I handle this stress. I feel stronger and have greater mental energy to deal successfully with tense situations. If I've made this much progress in a month's time, how much better will I feel in a year? 

I am grateful to Dr. Sadanaga and his staff for giving me the treatment and tools to help me function at a higher level in life. now I can take my dreams out of mothballs and look forward to the future with renewed hope and confidence.

-  Elayn T.

Multiple Angioplasties

Dear Dr. Sadanaga, I wanted to write you this letter to thank you for all you have done for me. At the beginning I was very afraid to start the treatment, however you explained everything to me and answered any questions I had. I can not ever remember a doctor taking their time to explain as you did and continue to do. I was scheduled for my 4th heart surgery that day and my daughter had an appointment with you that morning. It had been rescheduled for 2-3 weeks. I figured I had nothing to lose by seeing you. As you know, I have had 4 heart surgeries: 3 angioplasty and shunt placed in my heart. My heart surgeries were scheduled every six months like clockwork: 1st angioplasty demonstrated 80% blockage, 2nd was 85%, and 3rd was 90%. I was doing your prescribed program: nutritional supplements and diet for 2 and a half weeks prior to my 4th surgery. After performing the angioplasty, my cardiologist was stunned to see only 60% blockage and to see the tremendous change I was going through. After six months, I went for a follow up appointment and to everyone’s surprise all tests performed came back negative. They couldn’t find any problems associated with my heart. As you explained so very well, this is a life long program. I choose if I want to increase my life longevity and still continue to be active. I have more energy and began to teach dancing again and I feel 65 years younger, thanks to you. Thank you for all your help, and I will see you soon. Thanks again,

- Virginia W.