Testimonials: Menstruation & Menopause 


Severe Menstrual Symptoms

I began treatment by Dr. Sadanaga right after my surgery to remove ovarian cysts. After successful surgery to remove the cyst, the doctors also found that I have a very advance stage of endometriosis and suggested I have a full hysterectomy. They informed me that because the endometriosis was so advance, I would continue to have severe cramps, heavy bleeding and my menstrual period would occur more then once a month. They told me this condition would only get worse with time and age. 

When I first went in to see Dr. Sadanaga, I was having a period every 14 days, heavy bleeding for 5 days of the 10-day duration of each period. I was also having severe cramping that disable me for at least 4 of the days and had frequent headaches. In addition to my menstrual problem, because I was losing so much blood, I was anemic and fatigue all the time. 

Dr. Sadanaga suggested some alternative treatment for my condition: weekly adjustments and altered diet (including lots of green vegetable, salmon, citrus fruits, berries and certain nuts). Grain, sugar, starches, saturated oil, dairy and caffeine were taken from my diet. He also prescribed some natural vitamin supplements. Starting in August, Dr. Sadanaga recommended that I begin to walk daily, I'm up to 3-miles per day. 

It is now December, 6-months later and the progress is remarkable. My health is much improved. I lost 20 pounds, I feel healthier than ever, and the headaches are minimal. My menstrual problems have greatly improved. As of this month, my menstrual cycle is at 20 days vs. 14in July. Heavy bleeding occurs for 3-days with mild to moderate cramping for 2 of those days vs. 5 days of bleeding with severe cramping that was unbearable. There is 3 days of spotting at the beginning of the period and another 2 days at the of the period. All in all, the improvement is substantial. 

My ultimate goal is to have my menstrual cycle be at least 20-25 days with less heavy bleeding and less spotting.

Sonia C.

Chronic Thyroditis, Endometriosis, Chronic Bleeding

I must tell you that after having worked with you for the last 4 months, my life is completely different. I feel better now, that I have at any other time in my entire adult life. 

When I was brought to see you, by your amazing colleague- Carolyn Satzman- I had no energy, had been bleeding virtually daily for 5 months, and had been diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder (chronic thyroditis-was their best guess). I had been dealing with ever-increasing pain from endometriosis and had recently undergone a laparoscopy (which brought no relief from the pain, but somehow started the constant bleeding), had lived with lower back pain for as long as I could remember, and had just been diagnosed with Graves Eye Disease. I passed out frequently from the pain or something else, I was terrified by what all the highly respected Specialists were saying and frustrated by the absence of any suggestions for correcting the problems. I was watching the little "micro universe", that was my life, crumble- as I was unable to negotiate my way through it any longer. 

You said you could help me. You suggested a diet change, which I stuck to religiously and really have not found difficult. You have adjusted my body, gently and kindly. I actually look forward to your body work sessions. You have tested for and suggested a protocol of Standard Process whole food nutritional supplements-which I have also followed religiously and not found difficult. If it weren't my body- I would never believe what has happened. I have no back pain. 

• My energy level is better that it has ever been. I sleep 6-7 hours per night and wake up with a clear mind and ready to tackle the day. My business and family life are back under control. 

• My goiter, which is evident in photos as far back as high-school age, is shrinking. 

• My eyes have improved per 3 months check-up with the eye specialist, even though he did not expect that could happen. My vision is 20/20 again with my glasses and-no prescription change necessary as he anticipated- the swelling in the muscles behind my eyes has reduced and my mobility and color-vision have improved, as well. 

• I am constantly receiving unsolicited comments from people who are familiar with me and my body: 

Friends - "You look fabulous-what have you been doing differently?" 

My Dentist - "your teeth and gums have never looked this health-and you have so much less plaque-we'll put you back to cleaning every 6 months, instead of every month." 

My Hair Dresser- "Your hair has never been so healthy or grown so fast. What are you doing?" 

My Manicurist- "Your nails look like they belong to someone else-these cannot be your nails" 

My Family- All think you should be nominated for "Sainthood "or at least elected President. 

And finally, I just had my first menstrual period after ceasing, the lupron injections. I have not had a period this easy since I was a teen-ager. I had very moderate flow and light cramps- not enough to even slow me down. Absolutely amazing! I find great hope arising that I may not have to have the hysterectomy, which the doctors have suggested. 

I am absolutely in awe of what has taken place since you began working with me. Please do not ever stop doing what you do. I need you and the rest of the world needs you.

Lisa L.

PCOS, Depression, Other Symptoms

At this time I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all your unconditional and professional care. 

As you know when I first came to you I was diagnosed with a syndrome called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, otherwise known as PCOS. Also there was severe lead poisoning of a level of 150 with 75 being the highest level on the test range and a uterine fibroid tumor that was at least 2 inches in diameter that caused so much pain I was literally unable to move at times. 

I came to you with a page long list of symptoms that included, but were not limited to a 100 Pd weight gain (75 of it in one month) of which no doctor could explain or would even attempt, they looked at me like I was crazy, but I had witnesses to back me up. You were the only one who knew it was some sort of system shutdown. Then there was the severe suicidal depression and the 24 hour body pain including chest pain that felt like a heart attack at times. It was to the point that I was unable to function in the daily world without mishap or circumstance. My job became a challenge; I couldn't remember things that happened the day before, let alone years ago. My brain became like a vegetable and I felt like I had Alzheimer's which the mere thought frightened me to death, since my father was a victim to it. I was also not able to go to the gym any longer because when I would sweat I would become dizzy and nauseous. 

You weren't very interested in the diagnosis, but instead you asked me what it was that I wanted to heal and achieve. The symptoms were merely the guide posts through the maze of ill health to finding the balance. Upon examination and a few simple tests in your office, you were able to prescribe a body chemistry balancing diet, some supplements and walking, to which I was 100% devoted to. 

A miracle had occurred, not only did I lose weight after being on the diet a week, but after a month a good 20 pounds had dropped off me with total ease and grace. I was able to stick to the diet and was completely committed to it. My symptoms started to shift. My incessant crying subsided; the flaky scalp and hand blister took a turn for the better. My sugar cravings were gone and I woke up in the morning with out so much pain. Not to mention that the chest pains also started disappearing. 

With continued care and constant spinal adjustments I started to feel much more centered and balanced. I felt strong, like I could deal with whatever I needed to. I had had faith that I was on the right track to good health and optimum wellness. Although our time together was short, only 2 ½ months, since I have relocated out of state, I felt that there was an amazing transformation taking place within my body. Your compassion, empathy and knowledge made for an extraordinary experience in healing. 

Words cannot begin to describe the gratefulness I have for you in my life as a gifted healer and professional. And for it I have gotten my life back and that I will never forget. Your continued support to me even though I am lone gone surpasses the call of duty. Even though I am still in the process of obtaining optimum health, I feel you have given me the jump start I needed to be able to heal myself. With all the allopathic doctors out there who were well know and clueless, I honestly feel you have saved my life and for that I will be eternally grateful. 

You are truly a gift to this human race and anyone who allows themselves the honor of experiencing your healing abilities.

Gina D.