Testimonials: Nutrition & Weight Loss

A body's healthy chemistry is just as important as a healthy structural foundation. Magnolia Natural Health has successfully treated numerous clients suffering from a variety of problems, simply by helping them to adjust or completely overhaul their diets.  Read our success stories below:


Weight Loss & Cholesterol

I have been a nutrition patient of Dr. Sadanaga for six months. The diet he put me on has been the easiest to stay on that I've ever tried. I have lost and been able to keep off about 20 lbs. and in the process my cholesterol level has dropped about 50 points even though I am consuming more fats and cholesterol than ever before.

I recommend Dr. Sadanaga's nutritional advice to anyone who wants to lose weight quickly and keep it off with the side benefit of lowering your cholesterol in the process.                         

Richard B.


Digestion & Incontinence

Just a few lines to say that I'm feeling super - thanks to you. You took my stomach problem away in one week, and taught me what to eat, the dos and the don'ts. Now when I go out I don't panic or stress that I'm going to have an accident and be embarrassed. I enjoy my self. I'm alive again, thanks to you and my son Rudy. When I go out with friends I don't worry about being near a restroom any more. All I have left is arthritic pains, but that is being taken care of.

Martha B.


Weight Loss & IBS

I came to see Dr. Sadanaga under a strong referral from a friend who has visited many a "specialist" in the field of health and never quite had the positive results he was looking for until he was under the specialized care of Dr. Sadanaga. I in turn was dealing with a health issue and going in and out of the hospital with terrible stomach pains and almost 25 lbs. overweight & bloated for no apparent reason? The doctors at Kaiser offered many opinions after I underwent an Upper GI and a battery of tests. They stated it was a case of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) due to stress and poor diet. They at Kaiser truly did have a plan for resolution of this disorder than the usual "stay away from spicy foods and try to relax" mantras which left me quite unsettled as the pain I was experiencing was "Code Red"! Not being happy with dealing with a HMO I went to visit Dr. Sadanaga. Within only 2 short weeks of being under his care of Dr. Sadanaga I amazingly dropped the 25 lbs. and started feeling much better. Dr. Sadanaga care an expertise in these matter helped me formulate a diet plan and isolate what foods were causing me negative effects and through his expert techniques he helped find what supplements/minerals were "right" for me and my body! As of this writing I am now 3 months into seeing Dr. Sadanaga and have had 12 visits and quite happy to report my weight is stable, the terrible pain/bloating in the stomach area has subsided and feel I have someone in my corner who "actually cares" about me and my health , a rarity in this day and age. Thanks Dr. Al.!

Dan S.