Testimonials: Weight Loss & Control

Weight Loss & Control

Severe Bloating & Weight Gain

Before I met Dr. Sadanaga I couldn’t eat onions, garlic and God forbid I had anything spicy. My stomach would swell up like a balloon and I would get stomach pains. I would take about 4-5 Zantac’s a day. I also put on weight. I tried to get rid of the weight and was down to eating one meal a day with no luck of losing any weight. One day I saw my girlfriend and asked her what she was doing to look so good. Her skin was glowing and she has lost weight. She said Dr. Sadanaga. I called his office and made an appointment. I wanted to learn how to eat the right way and feel better. It had been a long time since I was able to not have a balloon for a stomach. He put me on the diet and started me on vitamins. The next day, I was already feeling better, had more energy and was eating three meals a day, with snacks between meals. I lost 3 pounds the next day and continued until I lost 13. It was the best I felt in my many years and my skin had a glow I don’t remember every having. After 6 months I tried to go to someone closer. I live in Thousand Oaks and the drive can be as long as 1 hour and ½. But within the month I was feeling awful and decided that the drive wasn’t that bad. I have been back with Dr. Sadanaga since. It is now 2 years and I can’t believe the energy I have, my skin looks great and I’m still eating 3 meals a day and the weight is still off. Many of my friends are now coming to me and asking me what I’m doing to look so great. I tell them Dr. Sadanaga. A few of my friends have stared to see him and are seeing why he is so amazing. Thank you Dr. Sadanaga

- Susan M.

Cellulite & Weight Gain

Selecting MNHC has been a very warm and positive experience for me. When I started seeing Dr. Sadanaga I had problems with stress and was experiencing pains behind my neck. After reviewing my condition, the doctor treated me not only for the discomfort, but helped me with my diet as well. I am very pleased with the results. As I became a mature person (without disclosing my age) my body began to take on its own shape and size. Eating foods high in sugar and carbohydrates without exercising on a daily basis caused me to have cellulite in my upper thighs. With the help of the doctor and his staff, I eliminated the cellulite. 
The amount of time I have to tell you about the service I am receiving is not enough, but if you see me in his office, please don't hesitate to stop and ask questions. I wish you a happy and healthy year.

- Venita M.

Family Health: Bed Wetting, Weight Loss

I would like to thank you for all your help with my family and I. Since your treatment our son has not wet his bed. He is at an age where he is becoming slightly self-conscious of the accidents. Your method was quick and easy. I never thought much about chiropractic until now and was very skeptical. You have changed my belief in Chiropractic. I have shared my experience with you and all of the information you have given us with my sisters and friends now they are under chiropractic care. I have loss weight and I feel great thanks to you. The whole family is following your program and doing better because of it. 

-Cathy K.