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Sports Injury

Facial Injury

I have been a patient of Dr. Sadanaga for over 10 years. I am a puppeteer by trade, which is very physical work. For recreation, I play third base on a Thursday night men's league in Burbank. People refer to third base as the hot corner because the balls come very fast. I agree, because recently I was injured while playing softball.

One particular night, I was attempting to field a ground ball; it took a tricky hop and struck me in the face. 
I was taken to the emergency room where I was x-rayed and was told there was not any fractures. The next morning my face was so disfigured that my family called me the "elephant man". That morning I called Dr. Sadanaga and asked him to perform his usual magic. He didn't disappoint me; as usual he performed a miracle. I came to his office with my right eye 95% closed, a large black eye, and my face was severely swollen to the point that you couldn't distinguish the bridge of my nose from my nose. Dr. Sadanaga used his cold laser on my face. Each visit thereafter you could see remarkable healing changes occurring. Within 5 treatments you could not even tell that I was struck by the ball. I came to play in our game the following week and my teammates couldn't believe how I recovered so quickly, from such a traumatic incident. The first picture doesn't give the proper perspective because this was taken 2-days after treatment began.

-Kevin C.