neck pain

Overall Health Begins With Strong Foundations

Overall health and wellness is tied to every aspect of body function. 

Without good habits, your body's structure begins to break down. And without a good structure, the rest of your body begins to'll feel tired all of the time, suffer chronic pain, or find that you just can't think or function as efficiently as you used to.

Just as poor oral health affects your overall condition, bad skeletal structure or nutrition also affects wellbeing. 

Back and neck pain may cause a loss of sleep, pinched nerves impede circulation, and frequent migraines from Anterior Head Syndrome and other conditions cause stress and leave you exhausted. What else can they cause? Check out this partial list of Back and Neck Pain Secondary Conditions.

Eating foods that just aren't good for you challenge your digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems. Letting your waistline expand too much puts strain on your neck and spine -- damaging the very foundation of your body -- which leads back to all of those secondary symptoms we mentioned. 

So what do you do? Eat properly, work ergonomically and exercise, of course! 

And if you're lacking the motivation, start with the little things. I can give you some tips on jumpstarting your healthier lifestyle, address any spine or neck problems to get the rest of you back to working more efficiently, and help you with insomnia, allergies, vitamin deficiency and more. 

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